Barbershop is more than a place to have a haircut, to have your beard trimmed, or shaved with a shavette razor. It is a male micro-community for exchanging opinions, views and social meetings. It is an hour when you can get laid back and talk to a barber or to other customers. Time spent in the garage is a relaxing while for taking care of yourself with sounds of ambient music - it is just time for you.

haircut - OLD DICK 100,-
haircut - YOUNG BOYS (up to 12 years) 50,-
haircut - 0,3 mm 30,-
haircut - 0,3 mm + shavette contour 50,-
head shaving with a shavette 100,-
beard trimming hair clipper 50,-
beard trimming shavette contour 80,-
full shavette shaving 80,-
set: haircut 0,3 + beard 80,-
set: haircut 0,3 + beard (shavette contour) 100,-
set: haircut + beard 130,-
set: haircut + beard (shavette contour) 150,-